• Where is WFP located?
WFP is located in Waldoboro at 124 Friendship Road behind the Medomak House, across from the old HEAD START.

• What are the hours of food distribution for WFP?
WFP distributes food on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month, from 12-3pm. In the event of inclement weather or a national holiday, distribution will take place on the Wednesday immediately following the regularly scheduled Food Pantry Day.

• How do I contact WFP?
You can contact WFP by phone at 207-520-5100, by email at waldoborofoodpantry@outlook.com, by snail mail at PO Box 692, Waldoboro, ME 04572, or on Facebook messenger at https://www.facebook.com/messages/t/103223318204007.

• Does WFP have COVID restrictions?
WFP distributes food via no-contact drive-thru operations. There are no COVID restrictions or requirements.

• How many households does WFP serve?
Our past distribution statistics can be viewed on the website Calendar by clicking on the Food Pantry Day entry.


• What are the requirements for getting food from WFP?
WFP distributes food to residents of Waldoboro, Bremen and Nobleboro. Income limits apply and a simple application is required to be completed. Click here to view/download application.

• What if I do not have a car or am not able to pick-up my food on distribution day?
ANYONE can pick up your food for you: a relative, friend, neighbor, case worker, clergy, anyone.

• How many families can I pick up for?
Unless prior arrangements have been made with WFP, please limit the number of households being picked up for to 4, including the driver’s household.

• How can I get food in between distribution days?
If you have an immediate need for food, call Healthy Lincoln County Food Hotline at 207-350-0536 for an emergency food box.

• Does WFP make food deliveries?
WFP delivers food to residents of the following apartment complexes: Sproul Block, Waldoboro Village, Coles Hill. If you are a resident of any of these complexes and would like to receive food from WFP, please call to have your household added to our delivery schedule @ 207-520-5100. We envision adding additional locations when volunteer availability and scheduling permits.

• Can I return WFP food that I do not want?
Unopened, unexpired non-perishables may be returned to WFP on a future distribution day. If you have ANY questions about the freshness of ANY food you receive from WFP, please contact us immediately at 207-520-5100 so that we can address your concerns as soon as possible.


• How do I donate money to WFP?
You can mail a check to Waldoboro Food Pantry, PO BOX 692, Waldoboro, ME 04572 or make donations using a credit card through either our website or our Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/waldoborofoodpantry

• Are donations to WFP tax deductible?
The Waldoboro Food Pantry is registered with the state of Maine and the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization under EIN# 38-3985265. All financial donations are tax deductible from state and federal income tax.

• Does WFP accept donations of food or other products?
WFP accepts donations of unopened, unexpired non-perishables as well as donations of eggs/produce from local farmers. We also accept donations of unopened personal items and pet food. Please email us at waldoborofoodpantry@outlook.com to schedule delivery.

• Can I donate to a specific program?
 You may designate a preferred program for your donation. Please note that funds received above program budget may be redirected to other programs.

• Does WFP accept donations of Stock Shares?
We accept donations of Stock Shares through StockDonator.com. Click the button on our Donate page to complete the process.

• Who should I contact to coordinate a food/product drive for WFP?
Email waldoborofoodpantry@outlook.com to discuss food/product drives, plan social media sharing and schedule delivery/pick-up of your donation collection.


• How can I volunteer for WFP?
WFP needs volunteers primarily on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month from 10-3 and the preceding Mondays from 8-10am. If your schedule allows, please email us at waldborofoodpantry@outlook.com to arrange a date to observe our operation.